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New Airport Security Requirements and Electronic Tickets
The FAA has determined that the airlines must limit access beyond the security checkpoint to ticketed passengers only. (American Airlines indicates that the one exception is for an adult escort of a ticketed unaccompanied minor.) All passengers with luggage to check, must first go to the airport ticket counter to check luggage. Curbside and off-airport luggage check-in options are no longer available. Airline check-in personnel will provide boarding passes to passengers that will allow the passenger to proceed past security to the gate. E-ticketed passengers with no receipt, agency or airline-issued itinerary must first go to the airport ticket counter to obtain a boarding pass.  Most airlines and metropolitan airports recommend that passengers arrive at the airport 2 hours early as a result of new security requirements and long lines.

The majority of the airlines indicate that passengers without baggage to check, but with proof of ticketing, can go directly to the security screeners. Airlines define the requirements that establish proof of ticketing. They may vary from airport-to-airport and may change over the course of time. E-ticket passengers that do not have the proper proof of ticketing for that particular airport or airline will be turned back from the security screeners and told to obtain a boarding pass at the airline ticket counter.

Reagan National Airport:  Reagan National remains closed but the Washington Times reported  on September 20 that an early October opening was possible.  

Cruise Lines:  Most cruise lines are returning to normal operations, although cruises scheduled to depart from New York City have been moved to alternative ports.  

Package tour operators:  Most tour operators have also returned to normal scheduling except where airline cancellations require modifications.  United Vacations has extended the date for cancellations to include travel up to September 25.